Virtual Christian Life Program

Let’s be real everyone. In today’s society, marriage is under attack. It’s being reduced, ridiculed, and redefined to the point that values don’t mean much anymore. Divorce is on the rise, spouses feel like nothing more than glorified roommates, and God feels more and more distant.
Life is hard. Nothing’s ever going to change about that. But we can do one of two things…We can give in and choose the easy way out, and just move on. Or we can fight, with constant prayer and awareness that the true force of marital love can prevail over anything.
Couples for Christ cordially invites you to learn more on what God’s plan is for our marriage and family life. 

       – There are 2 pages, each person will fill out separately. Please answer the required questions. For privacy, only put month and day for date of birth and wedding date

Harold EvangelistaVirtual Christian Life Program