Virtual Christian Life Program

Let’s be real everyone. In today’s society, marriage is under attack. It’s being reduced, ridiculed, and redefined to the point that values don’t mean much anymore. Divorce is on the rise, spouses feel like nothing more than glorified roommates, and God feels more and more distant.Life is hard. Nothing’s ever going to change about that.

Upstate Unit Assembly

Good morning brothers and sisters.  We will be holding our Upstate Unit Assembly this coming Saturday, March 9, 6pm onwards at the Prince of Peace Croghan Hall.  We hope to see you all there for a night of fellowship, teaching, reflection and prayer.Prayers for everyone! Prince of Peace Croghan Hall1209 Brushy Creek Rd, Taylors, SC 29687


A yearly FAMILY CONFERENCE ( previously known as Kids’ Village) is held every summer as part of the Family Enrichment Program. The event was solely geared towards kids activities and two years ago they included parents to enrich the family as a whole. Activities include a banner parade, family building sessions, talent shows, workshops, games,