Behind The Sins

In life’s stage, we are all actors before God and men. The script about our journey to Heaven has already been written down by God. As we perform, we must not be too concerned with how we are doing before the other actors, because it is for God, our real Audience, to whom we are rendering this daily performance of our life.
What seems to be the most difficult in the script of life is dealing daily with our weaknesses and disordered tendencies in our nature. In short, our experiences in SIN!

Our first normal reaction when we fall into sin is to immediately heal its effects by going to confession and making up for the consequences of our sins. But through the years, this “CYCLIC ROLE OF FALLING AND GETTING UP AGAIN” can become rather TAXING AND MEANINGLESS!

Thus, aside from simply acting upon sin, we must also strive to see and understand what goes on behind our sins!

Knowing our sins, by their names, number, species, and circumstances, is a concrete step to overcoming them. The sincere acknowledgment of our sins is the starting point of any conversion, but we must take another step: understanding the whys of our sinful thoughts, words, and actions!

Let’s take the example of going to confession after cheating on a quiz or exam. This sound very nice, but children ( adults as well) often stop here and expect to be given some “spiritual valium” to calm their consciences. If we leave things at this stage, the circle of conversion may not completely fruitfully be drawn!

We should ask: “Why did they cheat?” They reply, “because I didn’t study” and give further precision like “I was too lazy to study.” We could further ask what caused his or her laziness. Then, it can ultimately lead to “being attached to Facebook or some engaging video games”!

We have finally reached the main cause for cheating. It is at this point that one can achieve more realistic meaningful spiritual progress!

Example of more concrete approaches to address our case of cheating could be: Have you asked Jesus to help you to be more detached? Why don’t you make a schedule and follow it well? Could you instead replace it with serving others or spending a little more time praying?

This is what it means to get behind our sins in order to know ourselves better. We are led to examine virtues we can improve in and not just dwell on the sin. With this, we are able to act out God’s will better by purifying our intentions and converting our weaknesses into a renewed source of strength and love!

What is a common wrongdoing I am aware of but repeatedly do?
How can I be helped?


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